Greenville’s youth cycling scene is thriving

Youth cyclists in Greenville are taking going internatinal with ONTO Cycling Group

biker on a trail greenville sc

Greenville boasts one of the best cycling communities in the U.S. | Photo via Pexels

Strap on those helmets, boys and girls. It’s no secret that Greenville has a thriving cycle scene, but do you know about the ONTO Cycling Team?

Founded in 2014, ONTO is meant to develop young cyclists into “top notch athletes,” and is now one of North America’s most competitive junior groups. Avid cyclist Tor Bennstrom said he wouldn’t be surprised if there are multiple kids in Greenville who one day compete in the Tour de France. The team is currently in Europe, peddling their hearts out in an international race.

Want to get involved but don’t have a bike? Enter: Village Wrench. They have a volunteer program you can join in exchange for a bike. 10 hours of community service will earn you a $100 bike or 20 hours for a $200 bike.