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4 ways to invest in your health from Surcee

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Who isn’t more motivated to invest in themselves when it’s enjoyable? | Photo by Core Grow Strong

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How are those New Year’s resolutions going, Greenville? Whether your goal is to hit the Swamp Rabbit Trail twice a week or just stand up and move around more often, motivation plays a super important role in improving your overall commitment to whole-body wellness. Wellness is so much more than just working out — it’s also eating whole foods + taking time for self-care.

Fun fact: You’re more likely to stay motivated when your goal is easy to achieve. To help you out, we’re highlighting four wellness products you can snag from Surcee (GVL’s very own local, online shopping platform) that make working on your overall health + wellness easierand maybe even more fun. 🙌


They also have some really great workout outfits you can snag | Photo by C.O.R.E. Grow Strong

A group fitness class you love | Prices vary

Whether you want to start your day with a high-energy workout class or end it with some calming yoga, finding a group fitness class you actually enjoy is key — if you enjoy it, you’re more likely to keep doing it. C.O.R.E. Grow Strong’s group fitness (think: pilates, yoga + more) are designed for both men + women to benefit fromand beginners are totally welcome.

Pro tip: Like to get your sweat on in the privacy of your own home? They make great yoga mats, too.


Available meals include steak + eggs, protein pancakes + more | Photo by Healthletic Meals

A Healthletic Meals subscription | Prices vary

We all know that a huge part of staying healthy when you’re active is getting enough protein and nutrients.

Enter: Healthletic Meals, a veteran-owned company that takes the guesswork out of your meal plan. Their team takes care of the cooking, weighing, portioning + delivery all you need to do is heat them up and dig in.


Every Pedego bike comes with a five-year warranty | Photo by Pedego

An electric bike | $2,295

Cruising around Falls Park or West GVL in style and getting a killer calf, thigh, and glute workout? Yes and yes. Pedego’s Comfort Cruiser is built out with everything you need to have fun + get a good workout in at the same time. Bonus: Its interface is super easy to learn how to use.


Tons of nutrient-dense plant stem cell goodness | Photo provided

A restorative night cream | $110

Who doesn’t love a good skincare product? This gel-cream moisturizer from Kara Spa is a great addition to any nighttime skincare routine — it’s packed with good ingredients like peptides (to lift + firm), plant stem cells, and microburst technology so everything melts in evenly.*

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