Spring 2023 weather forecast in Greenville, SC

Prepare for spring weather in Greenville, SC with these seasonal temperature and precipitation outlooks.


The Falls Park flowers are in full bloom. | Photo by The City of Greenville

We know the question on your mind, Greenvillians — will the unseasonably warm weather continue into spring? Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, we know what temperatures and precipitation trends to expect in our city for April, May, and June. While exact weather conditions typically can’t be predicted more than a week in advance, here’s a seasonal outlook to help you prepare for what spring will bring.

Reminder: The first day of spring is on Monday, March 20.


At times, spring may feel more like summer this year. | Map via NOAA

🌡️ Temperature

Think warm. This spring, Greenville has a 50-60% chance of temperatures being higher than normal.

🌨️ Precipitation

Expect about average precipitation. Greenville has equal chances of seeing a normal amount of rain this spring.

☀️ Drought

Drought conditions are not expected to develop this season.


Typically in Greenville, the average high-temperature in April rises from 61° in March to 70.7°. Expect to see lots of 70° days, and maybe even some in the 80°s. The average low-temperature is 50.9°. By the end of April, the sun will set after 8 p.m.


Where spring feels like summer. May’s average high temperature rises to 79.2° and average low-temperature is 58.6°. May also kicks off the highest UV index season of the year (May-August), so grab your sunscreen and get ready to soak up the summer-like sun.


School’s out and it’s time to hit the pool with an average high temperature of 86.7° and an average low of 65.5°, but it’s going to feel hotter. The average heat index is 96.8°, so it’s important to stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade and indoors in the A/C.