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ReCraft is celebrating its new location with a “Grand Hoppening”

ReCraft, Greenville’s one-of-a-kind community center, is open in its new location and wants to celebrate with you.

ReCraft Creative Reuse Center moved into a new home and is celebrating with a “Grand Hoppening” on Saturday, Aug. 19. Featuring a ribbon cutting, a Scout’s Donuts give-away, and mural unveiling done by local artist Sunny Mullarkey, you’ll want to hop over.

After the ribbon cutting, you can snack at a food truck, sign “the longest thank you card in the world,” or leave your mark with a ribbon weaving project + velcro mural. City Editor Stephanie here. I have no idea what a velcro mural is, but I can’t wait to find out.

ReCraft connects reusable goods with creative people + offers a makerspace to the community. Think: Michael’s or Joann Fabrics, but everything is donated. ReCraft is the first creative reuse center in SC, but it’s one of more than 100 shops around the U.S. Reduce, reuse, ReCraft.