PAWchitecture: a one-of-a-kind pet furniture building contest

Presented by the American Institute of Architects, the PAWchitecture pet furniture competition will raise money for Greenville County Animal Care.

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When families are faced with a crisis, (read: domestic abuse, medical emergencies, or natural disasters) shelters are a great resource, but often aren’t able to accommodate the furry friends of the group. Luckily, Greenville County Animal Care (GCAC) provides temporary boarding and care.

The organization was looking for a fun + creative way to raise money. Enter: Pawchitecture Greenville.

Launched by The American Institute of Architects (AIA) of Greenville, PAWchitecture is a design + build competition. Nichols Architects, a Miami-based firm, brought the idea to Greenville after participating in PAWchitecture with the Miami Chapter of AIA.

What’s being built?

One-of-a-kind pet furniture will be constructed with the goal of raising funds for GCAC’s Safety Net Foster Program.

Who’s doing the building?

Professional and student design teams of Greenville architects are teaming up to create these critter comforts including:

Where and when can you see these critter condos?

From Friday, Oct. 13 to Monday, Oct. 30, you can see the built designs at the Hyatt Regency — located at 220 N. Main St.

How can you help?

The homes are available for silent auction through online bidding, with proceeds going to GCAC.

At the end of the contest, a celebration will be held and proceeds will be given to GCAC. Woof, there it is.