What should we nickname the City of Greenville?

Former Chamber of Commerce building | Photo by @james_simpson_photography

Former Chamber of Commerce building | Photo by @james_simpson_photography

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This is apparently how a lot of y’all felt about us trying to nickname Greenville “The City of Bridges” in Tuesday’s newsletter. 👇

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Reader Tami K. said, “I grew up in Pittsburgh, the ‘City of Bridges,’ and having been in Greenville for over 20 years, feel that it is now my home. So I think I can say that there is no way Greenville feels like the ‘City of Bridges.’”

And Kyle D., who hails from the other City of Bridges, said, Sorry, but having moved here from Portland, OR, with 12 massive bridges in downtown over the river, and one of its official monikers is ‘Bridge City,’ I have to disagree with you that it’s Pittsburgh. Or Greenville.”

Overall, we got almost 100 responses from you readers, so we wanted to share some of the best. We’ll put it to a vote down below and pass the results along to the City of Greenville, so we can hopefully get an official replacement for G-Vegas (which some of you, thankfully, hadn’t heard of until we mentioned it earlier this week).

  • Bridge City (This wording was preferred to “The City of Bridges.” Many felt this could also represent more than just physical bridges, as reader Barbara J. expressed so eloquently, “...as well as figuratively from past to future, stagnant to progressive, segregated to united, bridging old and new.” Folks also liked this parallel structure to other nicknamed locations in South Carolina.)
  • Park City (Four different people suggested this option, and between Falls Park, Cleveland Park, the Cancer Survivors Park, the future Unity Park, and so many others, we think this one has some potential.)
  • Connection City (Quite a few of you thought this nickname would work well for Greenville to highlight our friendly, pleasant city. As reader Marcy C. said, “Greenville is not only an amazing place to live and thrive, but we have what it takes with our genuine Southern Hospitality!”)
  • And our team’s personal favorite...Spin City (“Lots of links with all the spinning that used to be done at all of our mills and is currently done on the SRT!” — Joey B.)
  • “We are so special we don’t need a nickname. Let the city be.” — Anonymous

So, what do y’all think? Are we getting closer or is our *abridged* brainstorming session not going anywhere?


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