“The City of Bridges” — Greenville, South Carolina

Eugenia Duke Bridge | Photo by @wanderlust.pravasi
Eugenia Duke Bridge | Photo by @wanderlust.pravasi

Greenville has many things, but there’s one thing we don’t have. An official nickname. 

Charleston is the Holy City, Columbia is Soda City, Spartanburg is Hub City and Sparkle City, and Anderson is the Electric City. So, this morning, we’d like to propose an option — “The City of Bridges.” 

While that title officially belongs to Pittsburgh, we think we’ve gathered some evidence to support our claim.👇  (And, yes, we know some of these bridges aren’t *exactly* in the city, but they’re close enough, right?)

Liberty Bridge

📍 Location: Falls Park on the Reedy River

🗓️ Year Built: 2004

🧠 Fast Fact: Located in the heart of downtown, this highly recognizable landmark spans 355 ft. across the Reedy River. For those of you who weren’t living in Greenville at the time, a six-lane highway called the Camperdown Bridge was demolished in 2002 to make way for the iconic Liberty Bridge, and, at the time, many Greenvillians were upset about these changes. 

Eugenia Duke Bridge

📍 Location: 428 S. Main St. 

🗓️ Year Built: Dedicated in 2018

🧠 Fast Fact: Eugenia Duke, one of Greenville’s earliest businesswomen, began Duke Sandwich Company from her kitchen on Manly Street in 1917. When she first got started, Eugenia sold her homemade sandwiches for a dime apiece. 

Xanthene Sayles Norris Pedestrian Bridge

📍 Location: Hampton Ave.

🗓️ Year Built: 2020

🧠 Fast Fact: In 2012, the Hampton Avenue bridge was demolished leaving the Southernside community virtually isolated for almost a decade. Last year, this $1.5 million pedestrian bridge that spans 150 ft. was named after Greenville County Councilwoman Xanthene Norris who has served for five terms since 1997.

Auro Bridge

📍 Location: Unity Park

🗓️ Year Built: 2022

🧠 Fast Fact: This bridge is #ComingSoon to Greenville’s new Unity Park. The 165-ft. bridge will be made of weather steel, cable railing, and wood decking — a nod to the rich industrial history of the site. Auro Bridge is a critical component of the new park, offering ADA accessible connections across the Reedy River and a unique vantage point over the restored river corridor. The 14-foot-wide, custom bridge will be built by Bridge Brothers of Atlanta at a cost of $2 million.

Spirit (of Survivorship) Bridge

📍 Location: Cancer Survivor’s Park

🗓️ Year Built: 2018

🧠 Fast Fact: This bridge was designed to mimic the minimally intrusive profile and dramatic lighting of the Liberty Bridge and was partially funded with money raised during spirit weeks at local high schools in 2013. 

Rock Quarry Bridge

📍 Location: Rock Quarry Garden

🗓️ Year Built: Unknown

🧠 Fast Fact: While we don’t know much about this quaint little bridge, we do know that the garden is located on the site of a pre-Civil War granite quarry.

Major Rudolf Anderson, Jr. Bridge

📍 Location: Major Rudolf Anderson Memorial

🗓️ Year Built: Unknown 

🧠 Fast Fact: You’ve probably biked or walked over this bridge if you frequent the SRT. It’s named for Greenvillian Major Rudolf Anderson who was the only casualty of the Cuban Missile Crisis. You can learn more about Major Anderson here

Carolina Foothills Garden Club Sanctuary Bridge

📍 Location: Carolina Foothills Garden Club Sanctuary at Falls Park

🗓️ Year Built: Unknown 

🧠 Fast Fact: While we’re handing nicknames out, let’s give one to this cute little bridge in Falls Park. Located near the Medusa Tree, this stone bridge is one of the most Instagrammable spots in the park, but it doesn’t have an official name (that we know of anyways). 

Poinsett Bridge

📍 Location: 580 Callahan Mountain Rd., Landrum

🗓️ Year Built: 1820

🧠 Fast Fact: This bridge is believed to be the oldest surviving bridge in South Carolina and potentially throughout the entire southeast. It was also named one of the 30 Most Haunted Places in America by Condé Nast Traveler in 2019. 

Campbell’s Covered Bridge

📍 Location: 171 Campbell Covered Bridge Rd., Landrum

🗓️ Year Built: 1909

🧠 Fast Fact: DYK Campbell’s wasn’t always painted the iconic barn-red we know and love today? The wooden structure (now the only of its kind left in South Carolina) was painted during restoration in 1964. 

Old Dunham Bridge

📍 Location: Old Anderson Rd., Powdersville

🗓️ Year Built: 1929

🧠 Fast Fact: The Old Dunham Bridge is one of the last remaining steel truss bridges in the state of South Carolina. The bridge was used for automobile traffic until the late 1990s but now can be accessed by foot or bike from the adjacent Dolly Cooper Park.