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Local podcasts in Greenville, S.C.

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By GVLtoday intern: Shari Tingle is a Greenville transplant passionate about writing pieces on history, theatre + all of the goings on in Greenville + the Upstate.

Podcasts have become a popular avenue to indulge in everything from sports to literary fiction to pop culture.


That little purple app on your iPhone (that you may have deleted or moved to a random folder) holds hours of audio leisure. They can also be found on Spotify + dozens of podcast-specific apps. Much like how Netflix or Hulu offer series to binge, podcasts deliver a series of “episodes” or audio files that you can listen to at your own pace.

Whether you’re a newbie or a fifth-generation Greenvillian, here are just a few local podcasts to fill your day.

A Quick Timeout 🎙| A sports coaching podcast.

Austin Idol World Wide! 🎙| A podcast on wrestling + real life.

Bearded Ones Podcast 🎙| A fun podcast about pop culture, science, society and more.

Cardboard Boxseats 🎙| A podcast covering all things basketball - both on + off the court.

Coach + Joe 🎙| A religious podcast, about strengthening your relationship with your spirituality.

Deck the Hallmark 🎙| A podcast that reviews Hallmark Christmas movies.

Do It For The Process 🎙| A podcast for artists, creatives, & the creatively curious.

Down the Rabbit Hole 🎙| A behind-the-scenes look at the people, places + moments that make Greenville Swamp Rabbits hockey.

False Start; Fake Sports Real Shots 🎙| A podcast that discusses sports movies.

Fostering Financial Victories 🎙| A podcast to help understand financial planning + current financial topics.

Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon - The Stories of Main Street 🎙| Telling the stories of small businesses in Downtown GVL.

Hisstory 🎙| Listen to 3 history stories + try to guess which one is fake.

Moving Bravely 🎙| A podcast helping multi-passionate millennial women focus on mindset + high performance habits.

Murder, Etc. 🎙| A true crime podcast, featuring Greenville. You can read more about this podcast and the man behind it at the link here.

My Pleasure: The Unofficial Chick-fil-A Podcast 🎙| All Chick-fil-A related stories like the ones about a rapper who wrote a Chick-fil-A anthem, or a couple that fell in love over waffle fries.

No Rain... No Rainbows 🎙| A podcast about living your best life by overcoming hurdles.

Notes and Strokes 🎙| A podcast for those interested in all things art + music.

One Star Reviews 🎙| A podcast that discusses one star reviews in order to turn bad press into good press.

Picks and Bones 🎙| A podcast that interviews independent artists + focuses on Red Dirt, Americana + Country.

Seconds Flat 🎙| A fun + informative podcast about running.

Solving the Gap 🎙| A podcast for business leaders to navigate through issues + learn to progress.

Survive HR 🎙| A podcast for HR professionals, with tips, tricks + encouragement on how to get ahead.

Tales from the Hearth 🎙| A storytelling podcast, featuring noteworthy Carolinians throughout history.

Tech After Five 🎙| For the tech community by creating meaningful connections through live, face to face networking events.

The Psychotronic Film Society Podcast 🎙| A film podcast about genre + cult classic film.

ThriveAl 🎙| For CPA firm owners + those interested in general entrepreneurial topics.

Tour of Truth 🎙| A religious podcast, covering topics facing modern Christians.

What’s the Big Deal About Greenville?! 🎙| An interviewing podcast, focusing on locals doing big things in GVL.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of every local podcast. Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below.


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