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Here’s how you can enhance your athletic performance with your diet

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A trainer working with a client at Apex Athletic Performance.

What you eat before training can make a big difference in energy, stamina, and motivation.

Ready to rev up your workout, GVL? If the upcoming Summer Olympics have you inspired to take things up a notch and revisit some of the health goals you set at the beginning of the year, you may want to take a look at what’s on your plate.

“Think of it this way: if you don’t have the right type of gasoline or you don’t have enough gas in your car, you’re not getting anywhere — it’s the same with nutrition,” says Lisa Money, RDN at Prisma Health’s Apex Athletic Performance.

Below, Money gives us three tips for eating to improve your athletic performance.

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A solid meal to start to your day can help reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness or inflammation.

Start the day with a balanced breakfast

Did you know? While you’re sleeping at night, your body goes through a “digest and rest” period. That means when you wake up, there is no food left in your system, making it extremely important to replenish those nutrients with a well-rounded breakfast.

Short on time? Check out these smoothie recipes to fuel your fitness goals.

Keep yourself hydrated

It’s not just about what you eat — what you drink also matters.

“Water makes up over 70% of the human body and impacts every bodily process. If you lose 2% of your body weight because of dehydration, it causes 20% loss in performance,” says Money.

Struggle with drinking “plain” water? We love adding lemon, berries, or a bit of mint — it’s H2-oh so delicious.

Pay attention to pre- and post-workout snacks

When you take the time to pick the right fuel before, during, and after workouts, you’ll improve your athletic performance by keeping your body nourished and fueled for fitness.

5 pre-workout snack ideas

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