Celebrate Gallabrae 2023 at the Greenville Scottish Games

The Royal Highland Fusilier Honor Guard at the Greenville Scottish Games

The Royal Highland Fusilier Honor Guard | Photo via Greenville Scottish Games

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Slàinte Mhath (cheers), Greenville. The Greenville Scottish Games take place Saturday, May 27 at Furman University, kicking off with the Great Scot! Parade in downtown Greenville on Friday, May 26.

From the show of tradition and history to strength and athleticism, this year’s games will have something for everyone. Here’s some of what you can expect.

The clans

Greenville is within an area that has some of the country’s largest percentages of Scots-Irish ancestry, with South Carolina at 2.4%. Each of the registered clans will have their septs, or other family names, listed at their tents. You never know, you might just make a clan connection.

The bands

Nine pipe and drum bands will compete against each other. All will assemble for the military salute at 11 a.m. on the Main Field.

The festivities wrap up with Celtic Jam, a party featuring three Celtic rock bands:

The athletic events

The Games will feature athletic competitions like the caber toss, where a tosser throws a large wooden beam (caber) measuring anywhere from 16 to 22 ft and weighing 100+ pounds. The beam must move through the air end over end, land in the 12 o’clock position, and fall away from the tosser.

Don’t miss other events, like the British Car Show and Wee Scotland (for the kids).

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