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3 Greenville pets that beat the odds

Meet Sebastian, Pearl, and Eighty-Five: three resilient pets who overcame life-threatening challenges with the help of Oasis Animal Hospital.

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Eighty-five the rescued cat and his dog sister.

Eighty-five is now a healthy cat who loves watching birds and roughhousing with his sister.

Photo provided by Oasis Animal Hospital & Emergency Center

For many Greenvillians, four-legged friends are part of the family — so why not treat them with the same care? Enter: Oasis Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, a locally owned and operated veterinarian practice and ER serving dogs and cats with compassion.

From check-ups and vaccinations to dentistry and advanced surgery, Oasis provides a wide range of services in its high-end facility. Plus, they’re open every day from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. Yes, that means emergency care is available after-hours and on weekends.

Take it from Sebastian, Pearl, and Eighty-Five — in times of crises, Oasis was there for them when they needed support the most. And it saved their lives.

A veterinarian sitting on the ground holding a dog and smiling.

Dr. Kendall Gunderson helped care for Sebastian during his trip to the emergency room.

Photo provided Oasis Animal Hospital & Emergency Center


After 4-year-old pit bull mix Sebastian Hopper ate something he shouldn’t have, his rescue organization took him to Oasis. Sebastian was so sick that he needed two surgeries to remove the obstruction and a foot of his small intestines.

Now, he’s fully recovered and looking for the perfect family to love him and spoil him as much as Oasis did.

Pearl, a Great Pyrenees dog

Oasis Animal Hospital employs 40+ people who live and work in Greenville and surrounding areas.

Photo provided by Oasis Animal Hospital & Emergency Center


Pearl Spearman was rushed to Oasis after she was hit by a car. The 4-year-old Great Pyrenees arrived to the emergency department needing surgery to repair her large wound.

Oasis helped Pearl’s owners through her three-month-long recovery process, helping make sure she was consistent with medications and treatments (including the use of manuka honey). Pearl completely healed and is back to her normal, fluffy self.

A Domestic Shorthair cat laying on a blanket.

Oasis Animal Hospital is one of the few independently owned veterinary practices in the Upstate.

Photo provided by Oasis Animal Hospital & Emergency Center


Domestic shorthair Eighty-Five was brought to Oasis by a good Samaritan after they saw him thrown out of a car on I-85. He was just a kitten.

Upon arrival, he had severe trauma to his head, which caused inflammation and bleeding around his eyes and nose. Dr. Brown made sure Eighty-Five was appropriately treated, and now he’s living a happy and healthy cat life with his owner and dog sister.

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