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Defy gravity in Greenville with Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga uses silks suspended from the ceiling to give you a never-before-felt stretch + a unique workout experience.

GVLtoday Core aerial yoga

These silks were made for stretchin’. | Photo by C.O.R.E Grow Strong

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Looking for a fun way to stretch your muscles? Aerial — no, not Ariel the mermaid — yoga is a type of yoga class that uses a silk hammock hung from the ceiling to deepen your stretch and help improve your balance.

Luckily for most of us, at C.O.R.E. Grow Strong, no experience is needed.

City Editor Stephanie here. I’ve taken two classes at C.O.R.E so far (I’m signed up for a third) and when I tell you it is a full workout, I mean it. The class is incredibly judgment free, and it’s a creative way to exercise.

GVLtoday Core Aerial yoga 4.png

My life got flipped, turned upside down. | Photo by C.O.R.E. Grow Strong

What to expect:

  • A “feel-good” warm up to stretch your body + familiarize yourself with the hammock
  • Conditioning including strength building core exercises
  • A standing balance portion featuring single leg balance moves + stretching
  • Inversions and cocoons like flipping upside down or completely immersing yourself in the silk

What to do + what not to do:

  • Make sure your armpits and backs of your knees are covered to prevent rope burn (read: t-shirts, leggings — no tank tops or shorts).
  • Bring your own yoga mat and grippy socks. If you forget, you can rent a yoga mat or buy socks there.
  • There will be time after the class to take photos, but don’t take photos before or during the class.
  • Don’t wear any jewelry that could get caught on the silks.
  • Don’t wear any scented lotion or perfume that could linger on the silks.
GVLToday Core Aerial Yoga

Stretches for days. | Photo by C.O.R.E Grow Strong

Calling our yogis in Greenville. Where’s your favorite spot in the Upstate to do yoga? Let us know, and we might just mention it in a yoga round up.