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VOICES: How to submit content


Have an idea for how to make Main St. more bike friendly? Are you a burger aficionado and want to rank your favorites 1–10? Are you a parent of a tot and want to share your favorite parks?

Write it up, send it in.

We’re publishing user-submitted content right on our site, then pushing out to over 41,000+ subscribers and our 52,000+ social media audience.

Here’s how (in two ways):

  1. Email
    • Subject line: “VOICES: Your title here.”
    • Attach photos as .JPEG, at least 768x434 px.
    • Make sure to include your name and Instagram/Twitter handles as available + a one sentence bio.
  2. Submit online here.
    • Under Contact Us, use the “contributor submission” dropdown option.
    • My email is: “VOICES: Your title here.”
    • Submit photos via a public Dropbox linked in the submission box. Photos must be .JPEG, at least 768x434 px.
    • Make sure to include your name and Instagram/Twitter handles as available + a one sentence bio.


  • Keep it under 500 words.
  • Include photos. Attach to email submission or upload to Dropbox and send a link via the submission form. (Min. size: 768x434 px).
  • Include your name + Twitter or Instagram handle if available. (We can’t give you credit if we don’t know who you are.)
  • Keep it in first-person. This is not a college essay, rather a relatable write-up of something you’re an expert on. (Or, have a strong opinion about.)

Do this:

  • Write what you know and are passionate about.
  • Include links + details to provide more context. This can include social media or in-person quotes from others.

Don’t do this:

  • Send in a press release as VOICES. This is not the time or place. (send PR’s directly to, though.)
  • Market yourself or a brand you represent.
  • Write an op-ed. This isn’t a newspaper. We want your opinions, but keep it relatable, and state your case.
  • Throw an organization, business, or person under the bus. It’s just not cool.
  • Send us something that another publication has already (or is going to) publish.

The deets:

  • We may edit for clarity + grammar + length.
  • We’ll let you know if we can use your piece, or if we can’t. We’ll always reply – Even if it’s not right away.
  • Not everything that is published on will be featured in the newsletter or on social media. However, we hope to highlight as many Voices as possible.
  • We will always give you credit for your work. While the piece will be labeled “Voices,” the first line of the content will give your byline.
  • We’re not offering compensation for Voices content. However, if you have a killer idea for an ongoing contributor series, pitch us and send in work samples to We’re constantly looking for great regular contributors.
  • We will not own content you submit, however, we have the right to repost and republish.
  • We won’t be able to publish all submitted content, so the best way to ensure that your content gets published is to clearly follow the instructions above and be familiar with our brand. The more it fits in with our brands content the more likely we are to publish it.