City park’s new name… and 15 new pictures

Photo via MKSK

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That new city park you’ve been hearing about since 2004 (sometimes referred to as City Park, Meadowbrook Park, Mayberry Park) is finally becoming a reality, and today it’s got a new, official name: Unity Park.

unity park logo

Unity Park will be situated along the Reedy River and the Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail, bordered by Hudson, Mayberry and Willard streets. You could say it’s a big deal, quite literally, given that it’ll be 60 acres in size and twice as large as Falls Park or Chicago’s Millennium Park. (The Champ de Mars in Paris that includes the Eiffel Tower is also 60 acres.) Piedmont Park in Atlanta is 185 acres, but don’t think we can’t compete. Our city will have 214 collective acres of parks between Falls Park, Cleveland Park and Unity Park, all of which are connected via the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

City officials believe Unity Park will provide a response to growth in the area by knitting together neighborhoods, paying homage to a significant part of Greenville’s history + create affordable housing opportunities for all.

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*video credit: Pro Bros Productions