Answered: How you can help small businesses in Greenville during the Coronavirus

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If Greenville is known for anything, we’re probably best known for our love and support of small businesses

Over the past three years, we’ve had the privilege and honor of conversing with you on this topic multiple times – from getting deep into our feelings about local startups and small businesses to celebrating the oldest staples in our community to everything else in between.

While many of us may be currently practicing safe social distancing, we know this can have an impact on our local economy and our mom + pop shops

We recently asked you on Instagram some of the ways we could continue to show our support locally during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and here’s what some of you had to say. ⬇️

“Some small businesses have started using #killcovidnotsmallbiz to aggregate updates from businesses and give customers a way to help if they are willing and able. The accompanying website is” – @chocolatemoosesc

“How about ordering takeout from a restaurant you enjoy and tipping as if you dined in!”@vfyoungsc

“Get the word out to our small businesses that the Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering low interest rate working capital loans through the Disaster Program to help small businesses get through this.” – @irelandmurphy

“I love how some boutiques are offering curbside and I also love the idea of buying a restaurant gift card and using when this is over. May we all work together and support each other.” – @houst5

“Booking photo sessions for later in the year!” – @ccphotographyy_

Do you know of other ways we can support small business owners and employees? Or restaurants that are prioritizing health with special measures? Let us know below.