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How Emanate Brands uses Environmental Graphic Design to elevate businesses

Emanate Brands works with businesses to transform environments where people work, learn, and interact — in turn, creating a greater user experience and increasing brand recognition.

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Raised wall quote that reads "24 hours a day. 7 days a week."

Designs for Clemson University’s Facilities Hub included a dimensional quote against the ever-changing campus atlas (pictured above).

Photo provided by Emanate Brands

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Environmental Graphic Design is a multidisciplinary field of design where branding and marketing intersect with architecture and interior design.

So, what does that actually mean? According to Bill Donohue, founder of Emanate Brands, transforming a space into a branded environment can positively enhance user experience, increase brand recognition, and encourage greater engagement. Even employees can benefit from EGD by creating a sense of focus, purpose, and positive impact in their work environment.

How to use EGD in your own business

Pro tip: Whether you’re a small local business or a large corporation, investing in EGD can bring value and increase your ROI (consider it a capital expense). Emanate Brands works with clients in all industries to create custom EGD solutions that leverage their space by reinforcing a brand’s core values, educating visitors, capturing history, and more.

“Branded environments are the ultimate asset for companies that understand the value of expressing their brand in everything they do and every place they do it,” according to SEDG.

Sherman College of Chiropractic

Mascot at Sherman College of Chiropractic

A look at Sherman College’s newly redesigned mascot.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands

Emanate redesigned the mascot and created interior + exterior graphics for Sherman College of Chiropractic to emphasize their brand, mission, and vision throughout campus. They also developed a sponsorship capital campaign by creating naming opportunities for the designs that were available for donors.

Sherman College of Chiropractic graphics showing an illustration of a rib cage

The sponsorship campaign not only raised funds for the school’s next generation of doctors of chiropractic, but also covered expenses for the production and installation of graphics.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands

"[Emanate Brands helped us] visualize the potential of our campus and truly emanate our brand,” says Dr. Ohmar Land, VP for Institutional Advancement and PR. “They have been true visionaries in developing a look for our campus.”

Aalberts Surface Technologies - Accurate Brazing

A hallway showing a picture of people working at Accurate Brazing

New photography was introduced as part of Accurate Brazing’s overall brand vocabulary.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands

Having previously assisted Accurate Brazing with trade show and website design, Emanate was asked to help envision how Accurate Brazing’s new facility could enhance both the employee experience as well as visitor + client presentation.

Accurate Brazing's hallway_Emanate Brands_GVL

Emanate Brands was engaged to enhance the visitor and client experience for Accurate Brazing’s new manufacturing facility in 2020.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands

“Bill and the team at Emanate Brands and Environments do a strategic job of branding and telling the brand story in a big, beautiful way through the space, including wallscapes, timelines, and wayfinding,” says Leah Tankersley, Accurate Brazing Marketing Manager.

Clemson Facilities Hub

A history timeline wall at Clemson University

Designs for Clemson University’s Facilities Hub included a vignette of historical photos from the university’s archive that juxtaposed members of the facilities team from the early days with today.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands

Recently, Emanate had the opportunity to be a part of Clemson University’s redesign of its Facilities Hub. In particular, they were tasked with creating an environment that elicited pride and connection among the facilities team: the university’s “unsung heroes.”

“You guys took a conversation, turned it into a vision, and then made it a reality,” says Michael Parker, Facilities Manager.

Do you have a space that can benefit from EGD to emanate your brand, educate your services, or communicate core values? Get in touch with Emanate Brands to help turn those ideas into reality.*

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