How are you feeling, Greenville?

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Y’all. 2020 has undoubtedly been a pretty wild ride so far, so we wanted to ask: How are you feeling about everything that’s happening right now? No, really –– how are you feeling? 

If anybody knows anything about Greenvillians, it’s that we’re a strong sort + pretty resilient. But that’s not to say we don’t all need a little check-in now + then. So, in this space, we’re asking you to share your thoughts and feelings about this year so far and these momentous moments in humankind historyin the question below

We’ve additionally rounded up a few local resources that we hope can help, however you need help the most. 

Mental Health | While Mental Health Awareness Month was in May, organizations are around to help all year round.

Health | From local healthcare services, and up-to-date information from the CDC, check out more here.

Jobs + small businesses | In order to help those who are out of a job, Upstate Service Industry United has been regularly posting local service industry jobs.

Outdoors | In need of a little fresh air? Whether you’re looking to take a hike or check out a state park, our guides have you covered. 

Voices | We’d also love to hear more from your perspective, especially if you’re a black community member, via our Voices platform, where we turn the mic over to you – our diverse and vibrant community – to share your take on how our community can better facilitate conversations on these important topics.

Financial help | The CARES program helps to provide rent and utility relief to those who have lost income related to the impacts of COVID-19.