Get the hang of hanging art with Greenville SC’s Art & Light Gallery

Art & Light Gallery in Greenville shares its tips + tricks for hanging your newest statement piece.

GVL_Art and Light Gallery Hanging Art_Sept 2022.png

Art & Light Gallery walks through each step of hanging your new piece of artwork. | Photos via Art & Light Gallery

Art & Light Gallery said it best: “We’ve all been there....Too high. Too low.”

When it comes to hanging a new piece of art, or really anything on the wall, it’s essential to get the placement just right. You may have keen eyeballs, but Art & Light Gallery’s tips for hanging art as it’s hung in a traditional gallery or museum style will help you get it right, every time.

First thing’s first: You’ll need the right tools. If you don’t already have a tape measure, hammer, writing utensil, and hanging hardware — head to your local hardware store, like Duncan’s Home Center (1506 Augusta St.).

  • Step One: Measure — the height of your art and the frame. Reduce that measurement in half. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to write it down.
  • Step Two: Add 60 inches (average eye-level height) to half the height of your piece of art.

You’re half-way there. Keep reading on Art & Light Gallery for the final steps and learn more about the gallery here.

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