The Greenville Zoo breaks ground on its new giraffe feeding platform

The new feeding platform aims to be complete in May and open to the public in June of this year.

Conceptual design renderings of a new giraffe feeding platform at the Greenville Zoo in Greenville, SC

Conceptual design rendnering of the new platform | Rendering via the City of Greenville

With the help of the Greenville Zoo Foundation and a contribution from donors Jim and Janice Cordes, the Greenville Zoo broke ground on its new giraffe feeding platform on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

The new 9-ft platform will overlook the Masai giraffes’ habitat and give guests the opportunity to hand-feed lettuce to its tall residents, Miles and Autumn.

While the deck is projected to be finished by May 1, it will open to the public in June to allow time for the giraffes to acclimate to the new structure and interaction with guests.

The Greenville Zoo’s John Edds says, “This opens up a whole new realm for us to be able to interact with the animals... because it allows the ambassadors to become even more up close and personal with our guests coming through. “

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