Greenville suburbs as Thanksgiving sides

Whether your neighborhood is sweet or savory, cheesy or carby, we put together a list of Greenville suburbs as Thanksgiving sides to liven up your family dinner.

downtown greenville, sc

Let’s hear it for the sides. | Photo provided by Vicinity Capital

Let’s face it, Greenville. Turkey is great, but we all know Thanksgiving is about the sides. Every Turkey Day side dish has an equally-important place on your plate, just like every local suburb brings something special to Greenville. Grab your fork and dig in to our list of Greenville suburbs as Thanksgiving sides.

Mashed Potatoes | Downtown Greenville | The heart of our city is Downtown Greenville, and the heart of your Thanksgiving meal would probably be the turkey, but we know, this is supposed to be about sides. Equally important to the turkey are those lovely mashed potatoes: carb-filled, warm, and inviting — just like Downtown.

Cranberry Sauce | Village of West Greenville | This historic + artsy area is quickly becoming one of the most popular spots in our city. With it’s eclectic nature, this tangy and fun area is cranberry sauce.

Mac and Cheese | North Main | This neighborhood is all about bringing people together and bringing out the best in everyone, much like cheese does for noodles. You guessed it (and read it), North Main is our mac and cheese.

Green Beans + Green Bean Casserole | Overbrook| With restaurants, shops, and a yoga studio in walking distance, Overbrook gives you what you want and what you need. Green beans toe the line between being delicious and giving you your daily dose of veggies.

Stuffing | Alta Vista | Last, but not least, we have Alta Vista. This classic neighborhood houses some historic homes and provides a sense of comfort and coziness, so Alta Vista is our stuffing (or dressing, if you’re one of those people).

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