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July Fourth fireworks laws in Greenville

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With the Fourth of July holiday on Saturday and many local events + annual celebrations cancelled because of COVID-19, we’ve received a few questions about local fireworks laws. 🎆 

Fireworks in downtown Greenville
Fireworks in downtown Greenville | Photo by @james_simpson_photography

In South Carolina, anyone 16 and older can legally purchase and use fireworks. However, there are some rules + laws surrounding the use of fireworks, but not to worry, we’re breaking them down so your holiday can go out with a bang. 

While most types of fireworks are legal, SC does not allow Cherry Bombs and M-80’s. In addition, fireworks should never be sold from a tent or vehicle. You can tell if a fireworks stand is approved to sell fireworks in our state by looking for a 3”x5” permit sticker posted on the building.

There are some important safety factors to consider too. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), over 19,500 reported fires are started annually by fireworks. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2018 Fireworks Annual Report also stated that burns account for roughly 44% of the 9,100 injuries treated in emergency rooms in the month around the Fourth of July. 

City + County Restrictions

There are also some restrictions for when fireworks are permissible for personal use, which depend on the city or town limits you live within. 

City of Fountain Inn

○ Fireworks are allowed within the city limits with certain restrictions. Citizens can call the Fountain Inn Police Department for additional information. 

City of Greenville

○ Fireworks are allowed within the city limits. However, the use of fireworks after 12:30 a.m. on Saturday night is prohibited. This is a special exception for the Fourth of July, so in the days leading up to + following the holiday, no fireworks can be used after 10 p.m. 

City of Greer

○ Fireworks are allowed within the city limits. Citizens can call the Greer Police Department if fireworks create a continued disturbance or are used at irregular hours. 

City of Mauldin

○ Fireworks are not allowed within the city limits.  

City of Simpsonville

○ Fireworks are allowed within the city limits, but there are certain restrictions as to where you can set them off. Read more here

City of Travelers Rest

○ Fireworks are not allowed within the city limits.   

Greenville County

○ According to this article from WSPA, if you live in Greenville County, but don’t live within any city or town limits, there are no ordinances that restrict the use of fireworks.

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, we recommend you contact your local fire department, police department, or sheriff’s office for more information. 

Firework Safety Tips

If you are planning on using fireworks this year, here are some firework safety tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety:

○ Read the caution labels and instructions before igniting the firework.

○ Don’t mix alcohol and fireworks.

○ Wear safety glasses when shooting off fireworks.

○ Light only one firework at a time + move away quickly.

○ Light fireworks outdoors away from buildings and vehicles.

○ Never relight a “dud” firework.

○ Always have a bucket of water and hose nearby when using fireworks. 

○ Check out more safety tips here.

Local Fireworks Shows

If shooting off fireworks on your own isn’t really your thing, check out this list from our friends at Kidding Around Greenville to find a few local fireworks shows that are still planned for this year.