Your Criteria to Move to Greenville, SC

Photograph of downtown Greenville with cotton candy colored sky

How could you not want to move here? | Photo by @chris_leyland_photography

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South Carolina was the second most popular moving destination in the US in 2020, and Adam Steinhoff and his family are just a few of the many recent transplants to our area.

Adam — who is in the process of exiting his business of 19 years to start business consulting professionally — told us that Greenville fit all of his family’s “criteria.” What criteria you may ask? Well, we’ll get to that in just a bit.

The Steinhoff family traded the surfing, golfing + sandy beaches of West Palm Beach, FL for the rolling hills and Southern charm of our town. And while some of you might be shaking your heads at that decision, Greenville checked all of their non-negotiable boxes:

  • No ice and snow
  • Only an hour from a legit mountain
  • 30 minutes to an airport (that actually gets you places)
  • Quality schools for kids
  • A true “downtown” with culture, art, restaurants, etc.
  • East of the Mississippi

The icing on the cake for Adam and his wife (who had never really visited SC before their move) — was the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail + learning the history of the Liberty Bridge and Falls Park.

What other cities did Greenville beat out? Well, Asheville was in their Top 2, and other contenders were Nashville, Knoxville, Charlotte, Statesville, and Fort Mill.

We’ve heard this story So. Many. Times. So, if you’re new to town, we want to know — what non-negotiable criteria did Greenville fill for you?


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