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Coral, Greenville’s new seafood restaurant

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Table for two, please | Photo by the GVLtoday team

Another day, another new restaurant opening soon — next Tues., March 16, to be exact.

Greenville keeps making lists for its food scene, but one thing we wouldn’t say we’re known for necessarily is our seafood. We have choices like Rick Erwin’s Nantucket Seafood, Saltwater Kitchen, and even The Blockhouse Restaurant and Oyster Bar, and as of next week, we’ll be home to Coral, Greenville’s newest high-end seafood spot. 🍽️

Opening in the West End at 654 S. Main St., Coral hopes to bring you both a high-quality seafood restaurant and bar. Their bar is not just a place to wait for your table — it will be a fun and lively experience with its own menu.

The team behind Coral are all seasoned vets in the local restaurant biz and are excited to be officially bringing this new concept to life next week. Struggling to pick something to try from the variety of options on the menu? Two of the owners, Jennifer + Dakota, gave us their personal favorite picks from the menu: Jennifer’s is the ceviche, and Dakota loves the sea bass. Don’t worry all you vegans + vegetarians — their menu will also feature some vegan options, including a curry, which we’re also told is delicious.

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*Cod* you picture yourself here on a Saturday night? | Photo by the GVLtoday team

So, if you love seafood, then mark your calendars for Tues., March 16 for their grand opening. You can make reservations online here.