How can GVLtoday best serve our community right now?

Downtown Greenville
Downtown Greenville | Photo by @sonerakbas_

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We’re in a time of crisis. It’s scary, it’s overwhelming, and it’s (quite literally) isolating. But instead of retreating, we’re witnessing something phenomenal happening here in Greenville. Without any hesitation, our community has mobilized, answering the call to do whatever they can to help one another + put their community first.

Our mission at GVLtoday is Doing. Positive. Service. Our platform is designed to create + aggregate the best information and resources to help educate and activate the community. 

While there are just two of us behind the scenes, we reach over 175,000+ Greenvillians every day – and we consider the public to be our publishers. It is your ideas, questions, and contributions that inspire our conversations each day. 

That’s a lot of collective brain power. So in an effort to channel that power to best serve our community, we need your help. 

The GVLtoday team is working around the clock to share the amazing resources you are generating daily – the creation of relief funds, lists of local businesses pivoting their business models to accommodate social distancing, “virtual” tipping for servers, + so much more.

What we’re looking for from you are your creative approaches to how we can best elevate all that’s being done in our community. 

We could…

○  Share an activity of the day

○  Invite more members of the community to share their experiences and/or expertise with us via a Voices contribution

○  Host a virtual coffee chat

Always – but especially during this time – what do you want to see at the top of your email each morning?

The newsletter is your oyster. Share your feedback with us by clicking the link below. We’ll be actively incorporating the ideas we get from you (yes, you!) over the coming weeks. 

We’re all in this together, Greenville – and together, we’ll come out of this stronger than ever.