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Try This: 3D printing at Greenville Tech

The next generation of CNC machinists is learning the ropes in this state-of-the-art facility.

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Students learn to print with multiple materials on different printers.

Photo by GVLtoday

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Danielle here. I spent the day at Greenville Technical College’s Center for Manufacturing Innovation, a state-of-the-art facility giving students a hands-on opportunity to learn. My focus for the day: The 3D printing lab.

It’s no secret advanced manufacturing is a big piece of Greenville’s economic puzzle, and Greenville Technical College is teaching the next generation of programmers and machinists in the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) program.

What we tried:

We 3D printed a little fidget — that I can’t stop playing with. While the printer did its thing, I had a chance to tour the manufacturing training facility center and get an up-close look at the impressive projects students are working on in the CNC program.

3D printing allows manufacturers to model new parts or print temporary replacement parts, which can be vital to keeping assembly lines moving. This growing technology features different types of printers and materials, which is exactly what you can find in the lab — just one of the ways GTC is giving its students practical, hands-on experience. Plus, CNC is covered by the new Career Pathways Scholarship.

What not to miss:


These printed pieces (in progress) lock together to make a fidget. | Video by GVLtoday

In addition to the printers and using different materials for different purposes, you can’t miss the impressive projects students have made during the course. From Wall-E to R2D2, a model of teeth + working gears, students work together to complete tasks throughout the course, which includes creating whatever they want to demonstrate and fine tune new skills.

The most impressive 3D-printed product was, by far, the working vehicle. With the tracks of the wheels built in the 3D printing lab, this student project was a culmination of what they learned in multiple courses and showed off all of their skills (think: welding and machining).

What we’re still talking about:


With a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, James went back to school to be able to teach. | Photo by GVLtoday

Passionate teachers make all the difference, and James Peavy is the kind of instructor whose excitement is contagious. As manufacturing continues to grow in the Upstate, James’ passion ensures his students are getting state-of-the-art, hands-on experiences with the best equipment.

After spending just a few hours with James, it’s obvious why his students have ~100% job placement rate. He sets them up for success and guides them through their courses, including in the 3D printing lab.

How you can experience this:

Take a tour of the Center for Manufacturing Innovation — the next one is Wednesday, August 23.

Things to know if you go: