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Have you ever considered boarding school?

Get to know the nation’s top boarding schools and learn what this educational option offers students at Boarding School Connect: GVL.

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Boarding schools have extensive financial aid options + provide one-of-a-kind social and educational opportunities that both challenge students and nurture a sense of belonging.

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Whether you’ve heard the myth that boarding school is for students who misbehave, believe it’s out of your price range, or simply just never considered it an option, here’s a chance to learn what boarding school really offers students.

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, 57 boarding schools from 20 states will gather for Boarding School Connect: GVL — a free informational fair about the benefits, financial aid options, and unparalleled opportunities that boarding schools provide.

The event is hosted by Bowdre Consulting, a full-service educational consulting company that guides + places K-12 students on an academic path that helps them achieve their goals.

Boarding school is a great option for students who are:

  • High achievers
  • Performing and visual arts students
  • Interested in collegiate sports
  • Looking for a strong community + holistic education
  • Have learning differences or autism
  • Interested in studying abroad

RSVP for the inaugural Greenville event to meet some of the nation’s top boarding schools (think: world-renowned academics, arts, and athletics), including Choate, Woodberry Forest, Miss Porters, Christchurch, Pomfret + more.

See the schools + RSVP (for free)