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Greenville Downtown Airport by the numbers

Did you know the Greenville Downtown Airport is among the busiest aviation hubs in our state? We’re breaking down the facts and figures, and the impact, of GMU.


GMU is just plane awesome.

Photo by GVLtoday

1. That’s the number of airports in SC classified as National Airports — the highest ranking of general aviation with only 85 airports earning the classification across the US. Of our state’s 58 airports, the Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) is the only airport with this elite classification. But that’s not the only number we’re celebrating:

  • $68.8+ million. That’s how much GMU contributes (on average) annually to the Upstate economy.
  • ~90,000. That’s how many takeoffs and landings took place at GMU last year, making it the busiest general aviation airport in the state (think: all flying except for military or commercial flights). It’s the third-busiest airport in SC overall behind CHS + MYR.
  • 1 million. That’s the total gallons of fuel the airport’s operators sold in 2023.
  • 40+. That’s the number of aviation-related businesses and tenants at GMU accounting for 547+ jobs.
  • 94. That’s how many years GMU has been serving the community.

You’re cleared for many more takeoffs, GMU.