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An innovative approach to fifth grade

Fifth grade marks the beginning of an interesting time for children — see what Christ Church Episcopal School does to meet their changing needs.

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Three CCES students working with a microscope

CCES focuses on creating an environment where students can develop spiritually, intellectually, creatively, socially, and physically.

Photo provided by Christ Church Episcopal School

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Fifth grade is a time of change that can be overwhelming for parents and their young adolescents. To help students transition from childhood to adolescence on solid footing, Christ Church Episcopal School has developed a unique and supportive program for fifth-grade students.

The middle school experience

At CCES, fifth grade is a part of middle school. They have their own floor and entrance, but they are certainly not confined to that area. When they move to other parts of the campus for electives, recess, PE, and chapel, they walk through “The Cavalier Way,” a mural created by Blank Canvas and CCES students.

The Cavalier Way is also a name for the four core values of a CCES middle school student:

  • Character
  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Service

In fifth grade and beyond, CCES seeks to provide nurturing support while promoting growth and independence.
Academically, fifth-grade students have unique opportunities to participate in the TIDE Lab (Technology, Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship) and move beyond the textbook to the Wetlands classroom where students get a hands-on experience while interacting with crayfish, tadpoles, dragonfly larva, aquatic spiders, and more. They can also observe other kinds of wildlife that are drawn to that area of CCES’ campus.

Outside of the classroom

Two CCES students play with a ball

Athletes further develop their skills in sport-specific practices led by knowledgeable coaches and high-level upper-level students who serve as models of leadership, character, and the spirit of being a “Cavalier.”

Photo provided by Christ Church Episcopal School

Students are encouraged to participate in activities beyond the classroom, like sports, service learning projects, clubs, the arts, and more. Enrichment classes, such as study skills, social-emotional skills, and exploring CCES’ values, are offered and serve as a foundation for students to develop their independence, cultivate a growth mindset, and engage in respectful dialogue.

CCES counselors and chaplains also offer parent support through presentations and discussions like “What to Expect from My Tween/Teen and My Middle School” and “Growing independent and Accountable Children.” These are part of CCES’ Parent Enrichment Series for current parents and are held on campus.

CCES hopes to propel its students forward through middle school and beyond by balancing developmental needs.

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