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A premier option for addiction recovery in the Upstate

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The Greenville Transitions Recovery Center Group Room.

Greenville Transitions Recovery Center is ready to help those looking to overcome addicition.

Photo provided by Greenville Transitions Recovery Center

Did you know? In 2022, 20.4 million people in the US were diagnosed with substance use disorders, and of that number, only about 10% received treatment.

Greenville Transitions Recovery Center provides a premier, local option for addiction treatment. Breaking away from the traditional model, they focus on holistic solutions. The founders believe recovery is about more than just getting sober — it’s about building a new lifestyle to stay sober. The facility’s staff works to ensure that each client is building new habits and passions to adapt to the new lifestyle of their choice.

Executive Director David McNease (10 years sober) says, “Through our own experiences we realized that a key part of recovery is missing in standard outpatient treatment. To inspire healing, we need to provide the skills needed for a fulfilling lifestyle.”

Beginning with a no-cost consultation, the staff then creates a customized treatment plan based on personal goals, scheduling, and financial options. Whether it’s through adventure therapy, peer support, family group, or any of the other services offered, individuals are then matched with the program best suited for them.

“If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use, reach out to one of our dedicated staff. When you’re ready, we’re here,” says McNease.

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