Wildlife rescues around Greenville, SC

These nonprofit organizations aim to rescue, rehabilitate, and release wild animals in the Upstate and across SC.

Cardinal bird in Greenville, SC

Flew into the window or just saying hello? | Photo by GVLtoday

Kyle, here. This week, I found a cardinal on my doorstep. Thankfully, it flew away seemingly unhurt. Had it been injured, I wondered where I could have taken it.

Short answer: A local wildlife rehabilitator.

There are multiple nonprofit organizations in the Upstate with the mission of rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned wild animals, like squirrels and raccoons, deer, and birds. Each differs on what species it can take in and areas of service in the region.

Here are five rescues near Greenville:

Click here to see the SC Department of Natural Resources’ list of rescues throughout the state.

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