Volunteering in Greenville, SC


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Recently, our parent company 6AM City decided to encourage all of us to get out into our communities + spend some of our time volunteeringand since we get some questions about where to volunteer locally, we thought we’d share what we did to hopefully inspire you to do some of the same with our list of ways to give back to the community.

Help pack some meals at Meals on Wheels

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GVLtoday editor Grace + 6AM City folks, Shari and Jennifer | Photo by the GVLtoday team

We spent the morning packing some meals (think: lining up cafeteria style to scoop veggies and protein into boxes, then sealed them so they stay fresh), but volunteers at Meals on Wheels can also sign up to drive a route, help with special events, etc. Learn how to sign up.

Spend time with furry friends at the Greenville Humane Society

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Our 6AM City Account Management team loving on a GHS pup | Photo by the GVLtoday team

Our Account Management team not only played with sweet pups + kittens, but also unfolded newspapers, put together “cones of shame,” and anything else that was needed. You can check out their volunteer info and opportunities here, and Greenville County Animal Care also takes volunteers — you can see their volunteer info here.

Pack boxes for Mill Village Farms

Another member of our team helped pack boxes for Mill Village Farm’s FoodShare program. This program provides boxes of fresh food to families who may not have access. Interested in helping? Check out their volunteer info here.

And this is just what our local Greenville teams did. Greenville is filled with volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved to make our city the best it can be, so whenever you’re out and about making a difference, be sure to tag us in your photos (#GVLtoday) so we can celebrate with you. 👏

See more ways to volunteer here.

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