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Here are the updated plans for the Wyche Pavilion

The City of Greenville has unveiled updated plans for the Wyche Pavilion.

GVLtoday Wyche Pavilion

The pavilion has become a popular spot to take photos. | Rendering by Craig Gaulden Davis, MKSK, and The Peace Center via the city of Greenville

Welcome to Extreme Makeover: Wyche Pavilion edition. The City of Greenville unveiled updated plans for the Wyche Pavilion which include:

  • Adding decorative metal gates at each doorway
  • Putting metal screening over the first-floor windows
  • Updating the surrounding area with fresh landscaping including gardens
  • Adding a riverside trail + a river front terrace with seating

The Wyche Pavilion has a rich history, starting as a carriage factory and eventually becoming a production site for a little company you may have heard of — Duke’s Mayo.

The DRB will review the updated plans during its public meeting on Thursday, April 18 at 4 p.m.

Psst... did you know this is only one part of the Peace Center’s expansion plans?