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Try This: Peek behind the scenes of the Medical Lab Technician program at Greenville Technical College 🔬

With a 100% job placement rate, this program teaches students how to find success in medical labs across the Upstate.

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A woman wearing a lab coat looks into a microscope

Students learn from anonymous cases from Upstate hospitals.

Photo by the GVLtoday team

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Greenvillians, when you go to the doctor for lab work, do you ever wonder who’s handling your samples? There’s a chance it’s a medical lab technician who learned everything they need to know at Greenville Technical College.

City Editor Danielle here. I got a chance to tour Greenville Technical College’s teaching lab and see the hands-on experience students get in the classroom — which, upon graduation, helps your doctors treat you.

A close up of a lab tech holding different tubes

We tested blood to find out what type it was, like they’d do at a blood bank.

Photo by the GVLtoday team

What we tried:

Students study six main areas:

  • Hematology: The study of blood cells
  • Coagulation: The study of the blood’s ability to clot
  • Urinalysis: The study of urine
  • Microbiology: The study of pathogenic microorganisms and related diseases (think: strep throat)
  • Immunohematology: The study of blood types + transfusion testing
  • Clinical chemistry: The study of dissolved substances in the blood and related diseases (think: glucose + diabetes)

I learned how to test a blood sample for its blood type, how to test a urine sample and what the results mean + we looked under a microscope to see how technicians help identify blood-related diseases, like sickle cell anemia + leukemia.

What not to miss:

It’s one thing to have a lab with hands-on equipment + access to area hospitals for real-world experience. It’s a bonus when instructors bring their own experience from the field.

From just a short time in the lab with Academic Program Director Tommie Whitt + faculty member Tiffany Whittle, you can’t miss their enthusiasm + prideand they’re even more proud to brag about their students’ success.

Lab tech examining chart

Both instructors worked in labs as technicians before teaching.

Photo by the GVLtoday team

What we’re still talking about:

The 100% job placement rate. Greenville Technical College graduates go on to work in area hospitals, like Prisma Health, with some landing positions in labs before they even graduate.

Not only that — students in this program have a 100% pass-rate on the national boards exam, with instructors telling me they help give students the tools to succeed.

Lab tech holding a blood sample over a piece of lab equipment

Students use techniques utilized in hospitals right here in Greenville.

Photo by the GVLtoday team

How you can experience this:

Participating in an online Career Talk. If you’re interested in learning more about the program or applying, check out the website to learn about things like the application process, requirements, policies, procedures, and expectations of students.

Things to know if you go:

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