A brewery and food hall are taking over an old mill

The Mill at Fountain Inn will feature brews, six local eateries, and lots of green space.


Construction will begin on the project soon. | Photo by GVLtoday

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Two years ago, entrepreneurs Bryan Beal and Nate Tomforde toured an old mill in Fountain Inn. Now, they’ve broken ground with plans to bring new life to the historic site.

Meet The Mill at Fountain Inn. Located at the corner of Ellison and Wall Streets, this future development is just steps from Fountain Inn’s Main Street.

The property — which is on the National Register of Historic Places — houses three tin-clad wood structures. Bryan and Nate say they’re excited to take something old and make it new again.

The goal: Restore the buildings, preserve the history, and repurpose as much original material as possible in the process.

The Ellison Flour Mill

This three-story, 5,000-sqft building will house a new brewery concept from Nate (think: Double Stamp Brewery and Southernside Brewing Co.). Guests will be able to grab one of the ~15 brews, or wine and cocktails, at the bars — yes, plural — with service offered on both the first and second level. The second story will be available as a private event space.

GVL_The Mill_at_Fountain_Inn_Mar2023

Movie night on the lawn, anyone? | Rendering via Perfect Pitch Productions

The auction house

The middle building (2,830 sqft) will offer more indoor seating with access to a green space. Get ready to watch movies and sporting events on the outdoor big screen and listen to live music. Milling equipment left on the property, along with historic photos, will be refurbished and put on display to pay tribute to Fountain Inn’s textile history.

The repair shop

A 6,000-sqft food hall featuring six local restaurants will take over the former repair shop building on the far side of the property. As for which eateries will be taking over the booths… stay tuned.

The Mill at Fountain Inn is expected to open in early 2024.

The renderings

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