The Lanneau-Norwood House is for sale in Greenville, SC


Like something out of a movie | Photo by House Exposures

Are you in the market for a new house? Well, if your budget is right around $2.3 million, then we have the house for you.

The Lanneau-Norwood House is for sale. If you’re not familiar with this home, the Lanneau-Norwood House is a historic home in Greenville that was built in 1877 by Jacob W. Cagle. Cagle built the home for Charles Henry Lanneau, who founded the Huguenot Mill along the Reedy River. After Lanneau’s passing, John Wilkins Norwood acquired the home — hence, the name Lanneau-Norwood House.

The Belmont Avenue house features 12 rooms, a grand entrance hall, hardwood floors, an original chandelier, a guest cottage, and a 2-car detached garage. Could this be your next home? If so, we’re jealous. Be sure to invite us over for dinner sometime, alright?

If you think the outside is stunning, just wait until you see the photos of the interior. Click here for a virtual look through this Greenville mansion.

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