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Take a ride on the Proterra bus

Proterra electric bus

Proterra electric bus

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Hey guys, Sarah here. 👋 On Monday, the City of Greenville announced that the Proterra electric buses had officially joined the city’s fleet. I’ve been interested in these buses since I learned that GreenLink purchased four of them – so when I heard that they were up and running, I had to check it out.

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The electric buses are currently operating on GreenLink’s Route 2 (which services White Horse Road) so I hopped on at stop #1032 – Easley Bridge Rd. + Traction St. Let me tell y’all, these things are quiet. I was looking down at my phone (#millennial) and didn’t realize the bus was coming until it was about to stop in front of me. I’d describe the sound of a 40-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 as a hum.

I paid the $1.50 fare (more on rates and passes here) and settled in for a ride around town. First impressions as a passenger – the buses look and feel brand new. They’re well lit, clean + sport fun, electric-green seats. The actual ride wasn’t much different from any other bus, but passengers seemed to enjoy the new tech.

Aside from that new-bus-smell, I’m excited about the Proterra buses because of their environmental friendliness + economic impact. These electric buses emit no fumes, which means cleaner air in and around Greenville. In terms of economic impact – the buses were made in Greenville. Proterra has facilities in Greenville and California. The Upstate location employs ~250 people (40 of which are Clemson grads).

The electric bus technology is an exciting addition to Greenville’s public transit. No matter how you normally get around town – make sure to give GreenLink’s Proterra buses a try. 👍