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A new photo of Greenville, SC icon Shoeless Joe Jackson released

The newly-discovered photo is from 1914.

Joe Jackson's famous swing

Joe Jackson’s famous swing | Photo provided by the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Baseball Library

Just when you think the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum (356 Field St.) has every piece of Shoeless Joe history curated, it finds something new.


A newly-discovered photo of Shoeless Joe. | Photo via @shoelessmuseum

This newly-discovered photo from ~1914 shows the Greenville baseball icon at bat, shoeless (of course), when he played for the Cleveland Naps, now known as the Guardians.

Do you notice something different about his hat? Before the age of DriFit material, players cut holes in the tops of their wool ball caps to stay cool.

Looking to read up on Shoeless Joe? Earlier this year, we celebrated his 134th birthday with a history lesson.