Where to find perfect pumpkins in the upstate

We’re all trying to find the perfect pumpkin for Halloween, so we put together a list of pumpkins in the upstate.

GVLToday Greenville State Farmers Market

Hey, good lookin’. | Photo by GVLtoday

The perfect pumpkin is hard to find, but with these options, you can do it. Plus, we know you need a premium pumpkin for our carving contest.

Greenville State Farmers Market | 1354 Rutherford Rd., Greenville | Pumpkins big, small, smooth, lumpy, and in all the colors of the rainbow — okay, not every color — await you here.

The Golden Strip Pumpkin Patch | 301 N. Main St., Simpsonville | Do you need giant pumpkins, mums, or flint corn? Look no further.

Denver Downs | 1515 Denver Rd., Anderson | Take home a pumpkin, enjoy a few rides, and go find your way through another Reba-themed corn maze.

Stewart Farms | 6474 Hwy. 92, Enoree | Take your pick of pumpkins on this 70 acre pumpkin patch. The farm also has daytime + nighttime wagon rides and a Reba-themed corn maze.

For more options, check out the list of pumpkin patches from our friends at Kidding Around Greenville.

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