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NEXT Upstate revamps to NextGen

NextGen, formerly known as NEXT Upstate, is shaking things up as it re-brands to better focus on supporting the Greenville Entrepreneur Network.

A large screen displays NEXT Founders Fund next to a sign with the NEXT logo.

NextGen is holding on to their logo as they change their name and widen their mission.

Photo by GVLtoday

NEXT Upstate showed off a new name as it rebranded into NextGEN, but this shift isn’t just in the name.

NextGEN will now direct its efforts into supporting the Greenville Entrepreneur Network, a group of founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the Greenville area. Prior to its rebrand, NEXT Upstate began as an effort of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce to elevate and support local business with a focal point on startups in the community. Since then, the growth has been exponential with the inclusion of founders, mentors + investors.

The organization hosts workshops, accelerator programs, and even partners with local colleges to reach young adults with an entrepreneurial spirit. They also host two signature events, Summit + Launch, that help propel startups as they navigate the business ecosystem of Greenville.

All this hard work goes to support the booming economy that many associate with Greenville + it goes a step further by helping new local business feel at home in the area.

If you’d like to get involved, give NextGEN some info about your business or idea.