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New mountain biking trail network to open at Conestee Nature Preserve

The 3+ mile loop opens on Sunday, Jan. 15 in the Brushy Creek tract of the preserve.

Woman mountain biking on a trail in Conestee Nature Preserve in Greenville, SC

Ready to hit the trails? Photo via Conestee Nature Preserve

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It’s official — mountain biking is back at Conestee Nature Preserve (840 Mauldin Rd.) with the opening of the first phase of a new trail network on Sunday, Jan. 15.

Since mountain biking was prohibited at the Preserve in 2020 to avoid conflicts with non-biking trail users, its trails team has been working on a new network just for bikers. Phase one encompasses 3+ miles, and phase twowhich opens later this year — features .5 miles.

Where are the trails?

The network is located in Brushy Creekformerly called Breazeale Farm, in the non-contiguous northern section of the Preserve.

gvl_map conestee nature preserve_jan 23

A map of the new mountain biking trail network. | Map via Conestee Nature Preserve

How was this location chosen?

Conestee Nature Preserve says this area is seldom used by most visitors and was chosen to separate bikers and pedestrians. Plus, with more focus and activity, more conservation projects (think: trail cleanups) can be implemented.

Click here for more about the project and how the Preserve will continue to protect its wildlife.