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Meet Matty, the GVL-grown app that invests your money for you

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Matty in action | Photo provided

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If you don’t understand the first thing about how to invest money, you’re not alone. Buying and trading stocks, growing your savings + investing can be confusing, with a huge knowledge gap to bridge before you can start seeing a return on your investment — if you do at all.

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Matty’s creator Jon Bryson graduated from Clemson University and lives right here in downtown GVL | Photo provided

That’s why Greenville native Jon Bryson created Matty, a trading platform that invests your money for you. The app is unique from other investing platforms because it combines algorithmic trading technology with a community-based, goal-oriented approach.

If that piques your interest, here’s how it works:

  • When you download Matty, you’ll be prompted to set a specific savings goal — this can be anything from a vacation fund to a down payment for a house.
  • Then, Matty analyzes your social media platforms to suggest companies to invest in that match your unique interests + lifestyle objectives.

Once you’ve curated your ideal investment portfolio, Matty uses its algorithm-based trading technology to automatically trade and invest shares from your portfolio across specific sectors + industries, which has the potential to grow your savings.

Access Matty from your phone or laptop | Photo provided

When you hit your savings goal, the money is automatically released into your bank account — and what happens next is totally up to you. You can reinvest that money again, take the vacation you just saved up for, or maybe a combination of both.

Bonus: Because Matty integrates seamlessly with your social media accounts, you can share your financial progress with your friends + fam with the touch of a button. And if you’re feeling generous, you can contribute towards someone else’s goal, too.*


Matty Investments, LLC is registered as an investment adviser with the SEC and only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements. Registration as an investment adviser does not constitute an endorsement of the firm by securities regulators and does not mean that the adviser has attained a particular level of skill or ability. All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss.

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