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Is coworking right for you?

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Think about where you are working right now: a cubicle, a coffee shop, a couch? Now think about having to schedule a meeting or take a phone call in any of those spaces...with absolutely no privacy. So maybe it’s time for a change. Here are some ways to know if a coworking space like Endeavor is right for you.

Coworking may be right for you if... don’t want to worry about the hassle + responsibility of maintaining and cleaning an office space.

“I like the convenience of it. I move around lot, I travel a lot for business, and I travel in general, so it’s great to have a space that I don’t have to maintain, an office building or a staff that I have to worry about. It’s convenient and an uber professional space that has been really good for us to count on whenever we have a last minute meeting pop up. The staff is accommodating for the space. The atmosphere is fun, and everyone here has a lot of energy.” - Holly Rollins, 10x Digital want to break out of your shell and open yourself up to networking opportunities + growth.

A lot of times people who are writers and editors are strong introverts, and the idea of working in a collaborative workspace can be daunting, because you think it’s going to be noisy with people talking all the time, or you think it’s like a stereotypical creative space where there’s sticky notes everywhere. But what I like about coming here is there are different workspaces – agencies have their privacy, and people like me can work in an open environment. We have two different open spaces and an area that’s more for chit chat which I appreciate because I need to be quiet sometimes, so I have my earplugs with me every day in case.” - Laura Mariani need flexibility for a small business or group – whether it’s differing work hours, options for 2-4 person offices, open work space, or a networking opportunity.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself when I first became a member to take advantage of every part of my membership, but then I learned that it makes sense for me to continue my membership even if I can’t come to everything. Endeavor has great content to share for all of their networking events. It’s extremely valuable, and you get so much out of attending and chatting with people. It really does keep you connected in the Greenville community.” - Kathleen Scott, KScott Creative only need an individual office space for daily use but would also like access to conference rooms, gym, and open work areas.

“Think strategically about what you’re looking to get out of the space and the best setup for you, whether it’s the network aspect, office or private desks.” - John-David McKee, Sparks Research

you like the idea of being your own boss, but get that being around other creatives can make the day more interesting – and maybe even lead to business opportunities.

“Don’t expect it to feel like you’re in a traditional office environment surrounded by people who are working for the same cause, but that’s what makes it interesting. It’s amazing how often it can lead to business for you, because oftentimes someone who’s working for a client that’s not yours needs help with the aspect of the business that you do. Then, that client becomes partly yours.” - Andy Mendelsohn, Upper West Creative want to collaborate with like-minded people (or learn from people with differing opinions + ideas) and be part of a coworking community.

“My dad told me as a young man that there ain’t none of us as smart as all of us.” - Chase Michaels, Locally Epic

“My whole career has been based on collaboration, and finding meaning in new connections in the innovation space. We rely on that as a source for new ideas, so I’ve always believed in having access to smart people with different backgrounds, and pulling them together to have new perspectives. There’s always value in doing that, which is not always easy to do if you’re on your own or in an isolated business. In a coworking space, there are many things I discovered about Greenville – it’s a wealth of brilliant creative minds and people who get things done. I moved from Brooklyn, where there’s no shortage of creative thinking, but the same is true here, and I think people seem even more motivated to bring those ideas to life here.” - Melinda Lehman, Happen Associates

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