Here’s a look at progress on the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail extension

The City of Greenville, SC and Greenville County are closing in on completing the extension of the of the Green Line of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail Network.

Bridge installation at night

Installation of the pedestrian bridge over Laurens Road | Photo via the City of Greenville

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The City of Greenville and Greenville County have both been busy at work on the Green Line of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail Network extension — an additional ~4.5 miles that runs from Cleveland Park to CU-ICAR.

A map of a trail

An overview of progress and features on the extension. | Map via The City of Greenville

With parts of the extension complete and open — like the one-mile segment off Laurens Road between Holland Park and Think Tank Brew Lab — the extension is on its way to being ready for bikers and walkers alike.

We’re breaking down the City of Greenville’s progress on specific initiatives along the extension.

A map

The Paperclip | Map via The City of Greenville

The Paperclip

The section of switchbacks that runs between Cleveland Park and Laurens Road — aka the Paperclip — is 75% complete, with final grading underway and the Cleveland Park pedestrian bridge initially aligned. The City aims to complete the Paperclip in March.

The Bridges

The two pedestrian bridges — one over Laurens Road by Willy Taco and one over Haywood Road by Goodwill — are 90% complete and on track to finish by March. Both were put in place in September 2022, but currently await final touches like paving and rail installation.

gvl_swamp rabbit trail_feb 23

Pedestrian crossing on Verdae Boulevard | Photo via The City of Greenville

Verdae Boulevard

Trail work on Verdae Boulevard is broken into two initiatives. A temporary pedestrian crossing by Velo Verdae apartments was completed in December and will be pedestrian-ready once Greenville County completes the trail and the Laurel Creek Bridge between Verdae and CU-ICAR.

What’s next? Designs for an underpass or bridge on Verdae where the pedestrian crossing is placed are getting started, with plans to report on its feasibility to City Council in March.

Map of trails in Greenville, SC

Three spurs, three neighborhoods. | Map via The City of Greenville

Neighborhood Spurs

There will be three spurs or paths connecting three neighborhoods — Nicholtown, Gower, and Verdae — to the extension. Currently 10% complete, public meetings and “continued coordination with stakeholders” are next steps before engineering, permitting, and bidding construction by this summer.

See the full update presented to City Council on Monday, Feb. 13.

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