Here’s what to know about Greater Greenville Sanitation District’s end to its recycling collection program

The last day of recycling collection will be Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Recycling at the Stone Avenue Recycling Center

Recycling at the Stone Avenue Recycling Center | Photo by GVLtoday team

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The Greater Greenville Sanitation District recently announced the end of its residential recycling collection service effective Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Why is the service ending?

In a press release from the Greater Greenville Sanitation District’s Executive Director Steve Cole, “the total cost of collection and disposal of recyclable items is more than four times the cost of collection and disposal of garbage” — $18 per ton of garbage compared to $65 per ton of recyclables.

The release says the department’s review of “increasing costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of equipment, fuel and personnel” resulted in its decision to end the service.

What does this mean for City of Greenville residents?

The City of Greenville’s recycling collection program will not be affected by Greater Greenville Sanitation’s change.

What happens to my blue bin?

You will be able to keep your Greater Greenville Sanitation recycling dumpster or roll cart for garbage overflow or can contact customer service to schedule a pickup.

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Where can I take my recyclables?

If you currently recycle with Greater Greenville Sanitation, you have the option to take your recyclables to the county’s six residential waste and recycling centers and 11 recycling drop off locations

See additional FAQ for more information or email the Greater Greenville Sanitation District.