A proposed 53-house development would offer affordable housing in Greenville

In order to provide this affordable housing in Greenville, the property needs to be rezoned to a “flexible review district.”

GVLtoday Stratford Place

This is the proposed site of the development. | Photo via Google Street View

A proposed 57-house project — located at the intersection of Augusta + Stratford Roads — would provide affordable housing south of the City Greenville. First reported by the Post and Courier Greenville, homes on this ~5-acre property would likely sell for ~$180,000, and would be called Stratford Place.

Before the development can move forward, the property will need to be rezoned to a “flexible review district” (think: a way to accomplish an “inventive design” that isn’t currently allowed in the parameters of “conventional districts”).

In order to qualify for one of these homes, buyers must make less than $70,000 annually. These properties are “deed restricted” (think: certain rules are placed on a property) and owners must remain there for 10 years or sell to another owner, not an investor.

According to County Councilman Ennis Fant, three private developers are fully funding the project and dozens of potential residents have expressed interest in reserving a property.

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