The Landmark Building — Greenville’s tallest building — is getting a $4 million makeover

The Landmark Building will be re-branded back to its original name, the Daniel Building, and will add outdoor seating, landscaping, and and lighting.

GVLtoday Daniel Building

It looks great from up here. | Rendering by by DP3 Architects and SeamonWhiteside

Welcome to Extreme Makeover: The Landmark Building Edition. Greenville’s tallest building — The Landmark Building — is getting a $4 million renovation and will be re-branded to its original name, The Daniel Building.

What are the plans?

Plans for the 25-story building — located at 301 N. Main St. — will be reviewed by the Design Review Board (DRB) on Thursday, Jan. 18 and include:

  • Renovating the plaza + exterior of the parking deck to tie in with Greenville’s Cultural Corridor project
  • Adding outdoor seating, landscaping, and lighting
  • Renovating the lobby with a “mid-century modern design”
GVLtoday Daniel Building

Let’s have a picnic. | Rendering by DP3 Architects and SeamonWhiteside

Why “The Daniel Building”?

Originally, the building was named after Charles Daniel — owner of Daniel International Corporation — who built the building in the 1960s.

GVLtoday Daniel Building

Landmark Building, meet Daniel Building. | Rendering by DP3 Architects and SeamonWhiteside

When will renovations start?

Renovations will likely start sometime between April and June + will last about one year. According to Gaston Albergotti — president of Dunean Capital Management — “back-of-the-house updates” (think: a new roof + a fire panel) were completed in 2023.

Additionally, Albergotti hopes to attract new tenants + retail concepts to the building with this renovation and says there’s a lot of space available.

Goodbye Landmark Building, hello Daniel Building.

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