Triune Mercy Center gets a new mural called “Seen-Heard-Valued.”

The Greenville Homeless Alliance asked local artist Ninja Picasso to create “Seen-Heard-Valued,” a mural that “depicts stories of hope from people who have experienced homelessness in the city.”

A very colorful mural painted on the side of the Triune Mercy Center

Mural, mural, on the wall. | Photo by GVLtoday

New mural alert. The Triune Mercy Center — located on the corner of Stone Avenue + Rutherford Street — is now the proud owner of a 47-foot-tall mural called “Seen-Heard-Valued,” thanks to the Greenville Homeless Alliance (GHA) and local artist Ninja Picasso.

The mural tells the story of eight Greenvillians experiencing homelessness and their stories of hope.

The concept was originally meant to celebrate GHA’s fifth anniversary, but there was some back-and-fourth on where the mural should go. After Picasso was chosen as the artist, Triune was chosen for its size.

The city’s Arts and Public Places Commission and Historic Commission initially brought up the building’s historic status, but the commission eventually (and unanimously) approved the mural.

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