Answered: Our readers’ 2024 local predictions

We asked, you answered. Here’s what locals think will happen this year.

A green bingo card with 8 spaces. Each space contains a prediction for Greenville in 2024, like "Local chef wins a James Beard award" and "Greenville gets a foot of snow."

Our 2024 prediction: GVLtoday will finally reach 100k followers on Instagram.

Graphic via GVLtoday

What’s on your bingo card for 2024?

We polled our readers, and here are some of your zaniest and most exciting predictions for 2024:

  • “A new Coca Cola mural will appear.” — Beth B. (Any artists wanna take this project on?)
  • “Greenville will be featured on the TODAY show.” — Jonnie B.
  • “The Greenville Drive will repeat as conference champions.” — Max F. (Reader Bonnie K. had the same thought)
  • "[Greenville will get a] foot of snow.” — Chris B.
  • “A local chef will win a James Beard award.” — Mary F.
  • “Downtown streets will be clear of dog poop!” — Abby J. (Dare to dream, Abby, dare to dream.)

It is anyone’s guess what happens over the course of this year — but we like your guesses best. This is your last shot to submit your predictions for 2024.

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