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15 murals around Greenville, SC

Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.

Mural of Greenville educator Pearlie Harris on Canvas Tower in downtown Greenville.

Canvas by Guido Van Helten | Photo via The City of Greenville

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We all know that Greenville has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about The Greenville County Museum of Art or the Greenville Center for Creative Arts. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Greenville itself.

GVL is home to a number of meaningful murals. Today, we’re sharing where to find some pieces — old and new — that really paint a picture of our city.

Village of West Greenville

A gif of a brightly colored mural featuring an open notepad which reads "I look at my own body   
With eyes no longer blind—
And I see that my own hands can make
The world that's in my mind."

This mural features poetry by Langston Hughes. | Screenshot via @blankcanvasmuralco

The Center for Educational Equity, 1191 Pendleton St., Greenville | By Adam Schrimmer, Blank Canvas Mural Company
This community project was chosen by local painting business, CertaPro, to be its Community Charitable Painting Project for 2022. The company provided all labor and a portion of the paint free of charge.

Village Harvest, The Anchorage, 586 Perry Ave., Greenville |By Elizabeth Kinney Art
What could be described as a signature mural in the Village of West Greenville, this colorful mural on The Anchorage restaurant was completed in 2016 and represents the Upstate’s Blue Ridge Mountains, farmers markets, and farm-to-table food culture.

Village of West Greenville Mural, Traction Street, Greenville | By Douglas Piper Art
Douglas Piper’s biggest mural to date, this 5,100-sqft mural “represents all the people and businesses in the Village. Different shapes, different colors but working together to make something special.”


Unity Park mural

Unity Park: A Promise Fulfilled

Photo provided by Emanate Brands and Environments

Unity Park: A Promise Fulfilled, 320 S. Hudson St. | By Emanate Brands
Projecting pride, purpose, and promise, this mural depicts Elias Brown Halloway and his wife, Hattie, who were neighborhood residents in the 1930’s and were instrumental in the park’s creation. The mural connects the heritage of the land with the vision of these historical figures — a reminder of the unity they helped commence in the community.

Canvas Mural, 301 College St., Greenville | By Guido van Helten
This photorealistic mural on the façade of the eight-story Canvas building features longtime Greenville resident and educator, Pearlie Harris. Guido says “the mural concept explores connectivity, diversity and unity in Greenville, using the history of integration in education as a unifying symbolic theme.”

City of Altruism, Bouharoun’s Package Store, 1102 W. Washington St., Greenville | By Gaia
Completed in 2014, this mural aligns with the theme of altruism and showcases Greenville’s textile history and “the evolution of the mills.” The artist says, “The crumbling and warping represents the transition of this use from one of labor to one of leisure. The lilies represent the gales of progress. These same forces rendered the mills obsolete and found new use for them.”

Greenville, SC, UP on the Roof, 250 Riverplace, Greenville | By August Vernon
Get an aerial view of Greenville from UP on the Roof through artist August Vernon’s rooftop mural — “the largest of its kind at 7,500 sqft.”

North Main

sunday by the reedy

The Stone Mural Project mural: “Sunday in the Park a la Reedy” | Photo by GVLtoday

Stone Mural Project, Multiple locations on Stone Avenue | Multiple artists
This multi-year project features 8+ murals, designed by local artists — like Eric Benjamin, Kalista, Jean Wilson Freeman, Sunny Mullarkey McGowan, Bannan Blasko LLC, Michelle Jardines, and Annie Koelle — and in partnership with Stone Academy and Furman University.

Suds on Stone, 798 E. Stone Ave., Greenville | By Jesse Bowser
This multi-panel mural along Stone Avenue depicts elements all too familiar to Greenville, from the city’s area code, 864, to the Liberty Bridge, to loaves of bread — which we can only guess is a worthy homage to Swamp Rabbit Cafe’s Stecca bread.

West End

gvl_ninja picasso mr earl_mar 23

“Mr. Earle’s Garden” by Ninja Picasso | Post via Off The Grid Greenville

Mr. Earle’s Garden, FishEye Studios, Sullivan Street, Greenville | By Ninja Picasso
To know Mr. Oliver Earle is to love him. This mural depicts the SC Certified urban farmer and his garden, located in the heart of downtown Greenville on Sullivan Street.

West End mural

West End’s mural, displaying icons that represent the many activities in the area, overlooks Smoke on the Water’s cozy outdoor patio.

Photo provided by Emanate Brands and Environments

Welcome to the West End, 1 Augusta St., Greenville | By Emanate Brands
Featuring a 1 Augusta address, this mural was conceptualized as a landmark to represent all the businesses down Augusta Road.

Laurens Road Area


Can you spot the Greenville landmarks? | Photo by GVLtoday

Goodwill To All, 115 Haywood Rd., Greenville | By Adam Schrimmer, Blank Canvas Mural Company
DYK the community worked together to paint this mural, which was designed by Greenville artist Adam Schrimmer to celebrate 50 years of Goodwill in Greenville?

Greenville, Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack, 420 Laurens Rd., Greenville | Timothy Maddox, painted by Jeremy Kemp
From the waterfalls to the swamp rabbit, this mural pays homage to Greenville and the Primsa Health Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Dreams, TruColor, 2107 Laurens Rd., Greenville | By Frankie Zombie
This colorful, 65-ft creation by local artist Frankie Zombie (star of Magnolia Network’s “Artfully Designed”) is dedicated to his late grandmother, Betty. When describing his mural, Frankie says, “I’m truly excited to be helping push forth more vibrant abstract energy in this great city.”

Cherrydale and Sans Souci

Image of mural on Stax's Original

Views from Stax’s | Post via @_s.jacks_

Mural at Stax’s Original, 1704 Poinsett Hwy., Greenville | By Kate Furman and Furman University
This mural depicts views of Greenville from Stax’s Original, including Furman University, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Poinsett Bridge — all of which were part of a months-long desigb process.

Sans Souci, Velo Valet, 2901 Old Buncombe Rd., Greenville | By Adam Schrimmer, Blank Canvas Mural Company
Finished in 2017, this mural — dedicated to the Sans Souci community — is inspired by the English translation of the French translation: without worries.

Find more murals around the city through Greenville’s Arts in Public Places virtual tour.

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