Greenville’s Medusa Tree — or Root Tree — has been named a Heritage Tree by SC Parks and Recreation

This 80-year-old American Beech tree has been a staple of downtown and has been recognized as a Heritage Tree.

GVLtoday Medusa Tree

The gang’s all here. | Photo by GVLtoday

Greenville’s Medusa Tree (aka the Root Tree) has been named the 2023 Heritage Tree by SC Parks and Recreation with the help of TreesSC ( a non-profit that identifies, celebrates, and recognizes remarkable trees in South Carolina.)

This 80-year-old American beech tree is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, and we’ve seen more than one Instagram post featuring this rooted beauty.

Standing ~100-ft-tall, this tree sits on the Swamp Rabbit Trail next to Falls Park on the Reedy. It was planted in 1932 on the former campus of Furman University and was overseen by the (then) newly-established Greenville Garden Club.

Today, the tree is alive and well, and has been the scratchpad for many professing their love for one another by carving their initials in the trunk.

You might forget your high school sweetheart, but the Medusa Tree never will.

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